Chester Bennington dies at 41.

With the news leaking into the social media realm that Chester Bennington killed himself last night, there is weird melancholy in the air of my home. Linkin Park was never my go to band, but they were firmly within that bubble of music that I kept returning to throughout my childhood, that love dropped off... Continue Reading →


May cries too, guys.

In an attempt to come across as more human, Theresa May exclusively revealed how she ‘shed a tear’ when she found out about the all-around shocking election result. However, the bold May never had any doubts about what she must do next as she went on to say "I didn't consider stepping down because I... Continue Reading →

Ringo Starr’s Birthday Brexit wishes.

  In an all-around bizarre situation, Ringo Starr used his 77th birthday event as a platform to speak out on the shit show that is Brexit. The event, which took place in Hollywood, was surrounded by an eclectic group of celebrities including David Lynch, the director of Twin Peaks and Guitarist Joe Walsh. In a... Continue Reading →

Come back, Ed.

Twitter can be a harsh place for anyone, and this is only amplified for famous people. After the onslaught of abuse and confusion caused by Ed Sheeran’s Glastonbury set it seems to have only gotten worse for the cheeky ginger crooner. So bad that he has decided to take time away from social media yet... Continue Reading →

Online comedian facing jail time?

Fundamentally I don’t think that Nazi jokes are funny, I don’t think that teaching your dog to Sieg Heil is funny and I don’t think that Markus Meechan is funny, but being unfunny is not a crime. So then, why has he been arrested for a joke? The title of the video is ‘M8 Yer... Continue Reading →

Mental Health in Power

Since Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States he has tried to ban Muslims from America, banned scientists from publishing papers and information, began the repeal of the affordable care act and much, much more. However, since he first began to campaign to become President, and even long... Continue Reading →

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