Mini-breaks for 2 on less than £100: Cardiff.

**This budget does not include travel costs, however, I will always include how much it cost for the both of us to get to said break.** As my partner and I are both students, working various low paying jobs and saving for a wedding, getting away for a night or two comes with a multitude... Continue Reading →


Online comedian facing jail time?

Fundamentally I don’t think that Nazi jokes are funny, I don’t think that teaching your dog to Sieg Heil is funny and I don’t think that Markus Meechan is funny, but being unfunny is not a crime. So then, why has he been arrested for a joke? The title of the video is ‘M8 Yer... Continue Reading →

E3 2017 Bethesda: 2/5

The Bethesda E3 conference was, as nicely as I can put it, dogshit. We had the over the top Bethesdaland theme park of things Bethesda had to show us this year, and, at first I became excited with the idea that Bethesda had created enough new content to fill a whole imaginary theme park. This... Continue Reading →

E3 2017 Microsoft:3.5/5

As a console the Xbox one X looks great, it has all the bells and whistles that you would expect Microsoft to include at this stage, with a huge focus on the 4K aspect of it. But at times it felt like 4K was the only selling point of the console, and yes, while there... Continue Reading →

E3: EA Rating: 2/5

I will never understand why they don’t hire actors to present these things, how many developers do they have to drag on stage before they realise that it is not the way to present your product as it just undermines the work done by the developers when there is a shit scared man tripping over... Continue Reading →

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