I have an addiction to energy drinks. The food I consume, whilst certainly not the healthiest in the world is nowhere near as horrific as my crippling addiction to sugary drinks. I genuinely think that by just cutting down my pop addiction my weight would drop. Of course, that’s easier said than done, and I know that just going cold turkey would be useless. I’ve tried before, I’d be fine for a few days, I’d stick to water and the occasional bottle of flavoured water then something would happen and suddenly there’s a haze and I wake up surrounded by empty cans of Monster and Red Bull and I know that I’ve failed.
I need a plan. I need a replacement. I know that I’m not drinking nearly enough water for my weight and it must change, I can’t expect to change the way I think about my health if whenever I do anything, I do so with a can firmly gripped in my hands. I think fundamentally it’s the fizzy aspect of the drink that makes it appealing(that, and the horrific amount of sugar packed into them). So, starting today I’ve gotten rid of all the energy drinks out of my sight and have bought myself a bottle of sugar-free cordial (baby steps, remember). Meaning that when I want a drink that packs more punch, I will have to make the trip to the local supermarket.
I already know that I’ve got a few challenges ahead of me as Wednesday we are all going to be out celebrating my partner’s birthday and vodka just goes down better when it’s spiking a redbull. However, if I only drink energy drinks one out of seven days then surely that’s better than my current constant binge?
This, of course, is only half the battle as it still doesn’t address the fact that I’m not drinking enough water every day. A girl my size should be drinking about 1.7 litres a day, something that I know for a fact I’m not doing so I’m going to be tracking myself using my trusty notepad and compiling the data all into a cute table for you next week alongside a breakdown of what I drank that day.
So that’s it for this week, the first very tiny step of this journey is going to be my attempt to cut out energy drinks and pop in general. Come back next week for an analysis of how this week went, my weight loss for the week and my plans going forward.


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