Welcome to Chubby Tuesday.

I’m overweight. Between the ages of 16 and 19, I gained weight at a massive pace and then for the past two years, whilst I’ve not gained any weight, I’ve certainly not lost any either. I’m also not a stupid person, I understand that fad diets, on the whole, do not work, I understand that in order to lose weight and maintain that weight loss, there has to be a complete overhaul of the way that I think and the way that I go about my day, but I also really like fried chicken.
I’m new to the blogging game, and as anyone hoping to move into an industry, I’ve done my research and the amount of blogs happily showing weight loss pills, teas and supplements to their subscribers singing their praises is astounding. Especially when you dig even further and see that they then go on to never mention said product again.
I’m about to embark on the mother of all diets, for you, for me, for science. As someone who is on the wrong side of obesity, I see the glitzy advertising and the fabulous claims and I know that they’re aimed at me. I can drop a dress size just by drinking some herbal tea as a meal replacement. ME, old chubby on the sofa glaring at my TV. What it often fails to tell you is that you have to meet other dietary requirements on your own as well as ‘live an active lifestyle’.
Every week I will be posting an update on weight loss, on top of this, I will be doing a whole host of ridiculous things all in the name of shedding pounds whilst giving you a completely open and honest review. When I look at the laxative laced tea, I will be telling you how long I was on the toilet that week as well as looking at the actual harm being done to my body all in the name of weight loss against my ‘regular’ diet. Alongside how I’m actually feeling that week, my energy levels, whether I was able to keep up with my regular activities. Of course, I won’t be doing a fad diet every week, however, I will be actively trying to change my ways gradually and I hope you will come along with me. So join me every Chubby Tuesday as I delve into the dark world of dieting.


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