Chester Bennington dies at 41.

With the news leaking into the social media realm that Chester Bennington killed himself last night, there is weird melancholy in the air of my home. Linkin Park was never my go to band, but they were firmly within that bubble of music that I kept returning to throughout my childhood, that love dropped off slightly as I grew older, but with their new album and the tracks seemingly going in the same musical direction as my own tastes, it was a safe assumption that Linkin Park were slowly but surely making their way back into my life.
TMZ first broke the news, reporting that Bennington was found by police who concluded that he died by hanging. He left behind a wife, six children and a career that was gaining momentum again at a fast pace.
Bennington never hid his battle with depression, seemingly finding his release throughout the lyrics featured in Linkin Park’s extensive back-catalogue, with lyrics such as:
“I don’t like my mind right now // Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary // Wish that I could slow things down”
Featuring in a single released just six months ago.


If you ever feel like you’re alone and need someone to talk with, never suffer in silence, there are so many people in the world who want to talk things out with you.


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