May cries too, guys.

In an attempt to come across as more human, Theresa May exclusively revealed how she ‘shed a tear’ when she found out about the all-around shocking election result. However, the bold May never had any doubts about what she must do next as she went on to say “I didn’t consider stepping down because I felt there was a responsibility to ensure that the country still had a government.”
The rest of the interview went on as is to be expected when there is a sit-down interview with Theresa May, she dodged any sort of criticism and rehashed buzz words like she was paid solely on how many she could fit into an interview. She did however find a brief moment in all the self-praising to reflect on how she could of led the campaign better, stating that she wished she had put across a more positive message during the campaign and, in particular, addressed the concerns of young people, who are believed to have voted in large numbers for Labour. The “clear message” that came through from young people was that they feared they could not get on the “property ladder”, she told the interviewer. “Looking back on the campaign, I realise now and regret that we were not making more of that,” she said. She insisted her government had the “humility” to “listen to the message we got from people at the election”. One of those messages, she went on to say, was that people wanted to see a “greater consensus” in Parliament, which was why she had appealed for support from Labour on Brexit and other policies. Something that Corbyn was more than happy to help with, sending the Prime Minister a cheeky signed copy of the Labour manifesto earlier on in the week.




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