The Greggs Diet: Coming to a High Street near you.

Greggs has never been seen as a beacon of style and class, it firmly lives within the budget realm of food, but it has never hidden from that. In fact, Greggs seems proud of its stoic place on the high street as the proud seller of 2 sausage rolls for less than a pound. So if Greggs, were to say, release a diet plan you can imagine that it would proudly take its place as a knock off of an already done model. This brings us to the point of this article. The amazingly named ‘Minimise Me’, a fully comprehensive meal plan that boasts up to 2 lbs a week in weight loss, includes 3 meals and a snack a day and can all be purchased from Greggs. In a stroke of genius, the pastry Giants released the varied 7-day meal plan alongside the launch of their ‘improved’ Balanced Choice range.
Each day presents a fairly varied diet at first glance even featuring a sausage roll on Saturday and as the press release states:

“We wanted the experiment to be enjoyable and fun and as far as we know, this is the only diet plan to incorporate sausage rolls and doughnuts—all in moderation of course! As part of our commitment to providing lower calorie options for our customers and given our strong presence throughout the UK, we have been developing our Balanced Choice menu further, which now includes a range of new salads, sandwiches, wraps, bakes, porridge, fruit, cold pressed juices, drinks, and snack packs all at under 400 calories.”

Looking closer you see that it isn’t as varied as you maybe first thought. You have the choice of two breakfasts and a salad or sandwich at least once a day (or on some occasion both in one day) and on Wednesday you’re faced with the prospect of a Salad for two out of your three meals that day. But what if you’re fine with repetitive meals, is it an effective and healthy way to loose weight? Well, while you will be consuming the recommended or lower average recommended daily calorie allowance you will fall short of other aspects of a healthy diet such as your five a day, with many days falling short by at least two portions and that is not even taking into account the price of this diet. On average it works out at around £35 a week, for one person on food alone, not accounting for the potential petrol cost of going to and from town once, or perhaps twice a day on Saturday (as no one wants a cold Greggs sausage roll lets be real).
So all in all, I’d be hesitant to see this as anything more than a marketing stunt to promote the fact that you can get a salad alongside your multibuy sausage rolls in an attempt to fool yourself that you follow a balanced diet.


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