The French have officially divorced us.

If you’re a French school child learning about the wonders of the EU then there will be no clinging to the days where the UK were one of the big hitters within the glorious union, oh no. As of right now, the UK has all but been forgotten in school books across France.
As of May 2017, the Aedis guide states: ‘“The European Union brings together 27 countries of Europe in economic and political terms, in order to avoid wars and to defend democracy, human rights, prosperity and peace more effectively.” It kind of hurts to read and further adds credence to the idea that the French government want Britain out of the EU as soon as possible in order to cash in on the potential influx of businesses and banks wanting to leave Britain and find a haven back within the EU. Valérie Pécresse, the chairwoman of the Paris regional council, even told The Times: “Boris Johnson and David Cameron said to anyone prepared to listen they were rolling out the red carpet for the French. Now we are rolling out the tricolour carpet. Our first aim is to get back the French people who moved to London.”
So with the French drawing battle lines what does that mean for our chances in getting a good deal leaving the EU? Well, it doesn’t fill me with optimism. With France clearly aiming to temp businesses over the pond to their warm, EU inclusive country it would surely go against their, and other EU countries to offer the UK a fair deal when talking about businesses. With the UK not benefiting from EU-related business rates, companies wanting to stay in business with the EU face the choice of paying more for the privilege or moving out. Surely only a fool would stay put on the cold side of the continent?


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