Film Reviews From a Film Hater: The Best of the Best. Rocky Horror Picture Show.


I have to be honest, I’ve somewhat cheated on both accounts here. I picked the most familiar genre to me for my first review and I picked one that isn’t exactly ‘critically acclaimed’, but, everyone I talked to touted this as their gateway musical if you will. Whilst perhaps never the top musical in the many many listicles I read online, it was always featured and always praised highly. This mixed with the high cult following it has amassed over the years makes it, in my humble opinion, one of the best musicals of all time. It has TV episodes dedicated to it, like in Glee and has become the ‘risqué’ AmDram musical of choice. So Saturday night I cuddled up on the sofa and put myself through 101 minutes of campy fun.
If you watch musicals for the plot then you’re fooling yourself. As someone who paid thousands of pounds to spend three years studying things like plot and narrative within a story the way Rocky Horror cast logical story progression to the side to cram another musical number in did cause me momentarily to panic slightly. The panic was subdued by the onslaught of songs, however. The lyrical content of the songs would certainly never stand up to any sort of strenuous scrutiny but that seemed to be okay to me as I was instantly carried away by the rhythm. It was a glorious time that certainly didn’t feel like 100 minutes had passed and I only got the twitches to check my phone within the last half an hour which I promise is an achievement for me.
So, would I sit down and watch it again? Well, no. Not in the capacity in which I watched it Saturday. I enjoyed myself but the soundtrack just lends itself to being background noise if I’m being completely blunt. I enjoyed it well enough and the plot was familiar enough to me as I’ve had it as a background film before but it certainly hasn’t converted me to being a die-hard film fan and it certainly hasn’t swayed me towards being a lover of film but this is just the first in the series and as the series progresses and I creep further and further out of my comfort zone I’m sure I’ll find the film that converts me. Don’t give up on me yet.

My stats so far:
-Musicals (1/3)
-RomCom (0/3)
-Drama (0/3)
-Fantasy (0/3)
-Epics/Historical (0/3)
-Science Fiction (0/3)
-Action Adventure (0/3)


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