Online comedian facing jail time?

Fundamentally I don’t think that Nazi jokes are funny, I don’t think that teaching your dog to Sieg Heil is funny and I don’t think that Markus Meechan is funny, but being unfunny is not a crime. So then, why has he been arrested for a joke?
The title of the video is ‘M8 Yer Dugs A Nazi’. Now, maybe it’s because I have a degree in English so I’ve been studying the subtle nuances of this wonderful language, but, when I see that title I don’t then buckle my seatbelt for some serious alt-right propaganda and it’s not what you get. The whole video is sliced footage of Markus adjusting the pitch of his voice so that his dog would respond to him asking if it would ‘like to gas the Jews’ and then finally you see the dog humouring him by lifting his paw barely off the ground. As videos go, it’s fucking awful. He even has the audacity to film some of the clips in portrait, which is arguably the real crime here. People were offended by the video and at it’s core, that’s okay. But instead of contacting the creator or creating a response, criminal charges were pursued instead. Markus Meechan is waiting to go to court for Hate Crimes. Markus Meechan didn’t commit a Hate Crime, to say that there was malicious or ill will towards anyone in this video is preposterous. To put it into perspective if you watch his updates on his YouTube channel (found here: you see that he only recently found work again after being fired when the controversy broke into the media. 12 months of almost continuous unemployment for a joke online. There are members of the EDL who I imagine hold down jobs in between spouting hate online and Sieg Heiling on marches (compilation video here: who get to hide behind freedom of expression as an excuse when questioned yet one man and his dog gets shit on from such a lofty height that he had to crowd fund money for legal aid as it was denied to him.
Censorship is so horrifically wrong and just overwhelmingly dangerous. I feel like a broken record when I say this but driving ideas and narratives underground means that you also push them into echo chambers that become attractive to people looking for answers and entertainment outside of the mainstream. The Count Dankula YouTube channel is a golden example of this. Around the time of the Nazi dog video his videos averaged out at about 3,000 views he now gets upwards of 30,000 and his Social Blade shows that he’s gaining a massive amount of new views every day, even when he has no new content.
He’s become somewhat of a darling for free speech advocates of the right wing variety all over. Imagine for a second if this man goes to jail. He becomes a martyr. He gets hailed as a hero to edge-lords all over. He’s potentially set for life if he plays it right. The sentence is a maximum of 12 months, so if he has the savviness to keep his name floating around alternative media he walks out a star. Albeit the star who went to jail for a joke about a Nazi pug, but a star nonetheless. All this fight against free speech is doing is giving an unfunny youtuber the chance to most likely come home to a massive platform of people who will listen to every word he says and honestly, the world needs less of that right now.


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  1. -“STUPID people treat JOKES about bad things, the way SMART people treat the ACTUAL bad thing.”
    …and if you’re going to arrest someone for that quote – it belongs to Ricky Gervais – so good luck, stupid person.


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