Best of the Best: Film reviews from a film hater.

So, I have a confession. Despite my ridiculous love of narrative driven games and my ability to watch an entire shitty American TV series in one sitting; I hate films. I’m not sure why, but films have always served as something to be on in the background while I do anything in my power to then ignore said film. It’s an impressive skill. I’m the person at the cinema that will go to the toilet half an hour in and then reappear about twenty minutes later after spending way too long on a shitty mobile game in a toilet cubicle after doing a few laps around the lobby. I want this to change. I want to actually sit and watch a film with no technology, no cleaning, no wandering about aimlessly waiting for it to end and I want to do it weekly.
The problem, of course, is, that since I’ve ducked and weaved films since I was a child, I’ve no idea what I’m actually into when it comes to films. I’ve always seen myself as a fan of musicals, but that’s because musicals tend to be frivolous and the kind of film that you can tune in and out of at will and it not really be detrimental to your understanding. But how, exactly, do I go about narrowing the films that I want to watch? Well, I’ve gone on various sites and compiled lists for each genre based on how popular they are on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb as well as various listicles surrounding the genre. Using this totally scientific method I’ve picked three films from each genre and this is going to be the basis of BCEWire’s new series : Best of the Best: Film reviews from a film hater. I’m not a film critic in any capacity, but I am a Literature graduate so I feel fairly confident I can pull together a semi-competent review of a film although I can’t promise I’ll be able to pick up on the fancy nuances like ‘stunning camera work’ or ‘subtle yet brilliant editing’, what I can do is rip apart plot and sprinkle my own brand of cynicism all over it.
If this sounds like something you can get behind, I’ll be uploading a review every Sunday morning until I’ve exhausted the list. So come experience films with me. I can’t promise that I’ll be having fun, but I can promise that you will.


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