British politics today, WHATS GOING ON?!

Now we in the uk are ones for tradition, lets say. So when I tell you that after an election soon after the Queen rocks up in a fancy ass get up in her crown to open parliament. This is called the queen’s speech, no not the christmas one, it’s all very posh and pointless, much like the queen.

What the Queen usually wears…

Now with this knowledge it should come as a shock that for the first time in almost 100 years, the Royal speech was delayed, delayed to the point the Queen turn up in some day dress, and didn’t even wear the crown. The last time ol’ Queeny couldn’t be arsed with it all was in 1974, when under extremely similar circumstances the Tory leader Edward Heath, stupidly, called a snap election, losing him a majority in the house, and causing the government he tried to form to collapse, and causing another election in october of that year. So i’m not saying that if the queen doesn’t dress up for you, you’ll fail, but it’s hardly a good omen.

… What she did wear.

Let’s move past that shall we? So the speech has happened what next? Well the speech get voted on and if you have a majority in the house of commons thats great! It’ll almost definitely pass… unfortunately for ol’ Theresa she ain’t got that, she has 318 which while the largest minority is still not a majority. So i hear you ask where will she get those extra 8 seats? The DUP, a homophobic bunch of extremists in Northern Ireland. They have 10 seats which would give the Tories a total of 328, 2 more than they need.

So say everything goes as planned it will be 328 for the speech and 322 against, that’ll be great for the Tories they get 5 more awful years as the leaders. Except politics is never black and white, the against side just need 3 people to defect and vote against party lines, this the scottish Tories being somewhat miffed with May could swing this.

I have my fingers crossed, do you?


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