E3 2017 Bethesda: 2/5

The Bethesda E3 conference was, as nicely as I can put it, dogshit. We had the over the top Bethesdaland theme park of things Bethesda had to show us this year, and, at first I became excited with the idea that Bethesda had created enough new content to fill a whole imaginary theme park. This was short lived with the announcement of Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR when it became clear that Bethesda were just going to redo and reskin the same old games they’ve already released. It seemed that there was nothing new this year in terms of full games, just more sequels and another release of Skyrim.

Oh, and they announced a championship event for a game that isn’t even out yet.

All in all, with the quality of announcements and the conference as a whole, I don’t find myself looking forwards to much in the way of Bethesda this year. Perhaps E3 2018 will be better.




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