WWE twitter accounts compromised

This is what was tweeted out on many WWE accounts
This is what was tweeted out on many WWE accounts

On Saturday after the NXT: Takeover San Antonio many of the WWE’s twitter accounts were hacked into by a hacker group called OurMind.

This was noticed when some strange tweets popped up on many twitter accounts of WWE and WWE superstars, ranging fr

om the main official WWE twitter account to John cena and even UpUpDwnDwn

In the past OurMind has taken control of the social media accounts of of Mark Zuckerberg, Pokémon Go creator, and the co-founders of Wikipedia and Twitter, OurMind use these hacked accounts to advertise their services.

Mashable were able to get a quote from an OurMind representative, which took credit for the hacks

“We just hacked it using the head of WWE social media account,” a representative said. “It is linked to all of WWE Superstars accounts — Twitter and Facebook.”…

The group insists it is only testing security. However, on its website, it offers commercial services including testing social media and email accounts for vulnerabilities.’

These hack should only provide a small amount of embarrassment for McMahons company, although it breaks down some more walls of kayfabe by showing that all of the WWE twitter accounts are controlled by the same group of people.


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