The Top 5 Reasons you Should be Excited for the Nintendo Switch

1. Cartridges

While you may remember cartridges as being a complete pain, not always working, taking them out and blowing to try and clean them (although we really shouldn’t have done that). But there were benefits to having cartridges over discs, no loads times for example, that should mean with the switch having them the load times should shoot right down, not to mention that in the reveal trailer they look to be roughly the size of a SD Card, meaning you can easily travel with 10 or so games and take up almost no room with them.

2. Portable

While according to Nintendo it won’t have the highest battery life of 2.5 to 6 hours depending on the graphical intensity of the game in question, you’ll still be able to take your favourite games and two controllers with you on the go, meaning you could wack out some Mario kart while your own and have a showdown with some of your friends.

3. Region free                                                                    

There are hundreds of cases where a game has come out in one country but not yours, or it has come out earlier in one country and not others, like what happened with Pokémon where it was released in the EU 5 days after it was released everywhere else, but this should now be less of an issue with the switch due to it having no region lock.

4. Colours                                                                      

Nintendo revealed in their presentation for the switch that you won’t just be stuck getting another drab black box to play your games on, you can also get it in a neon blue and neon red configuration, although that just effects the colour of the included controllers and the rest of the console will remain black. Who wants to bet how hard it will be to find the neon version?

5. Games                                                                        

Nintendo struggled with third party support during the Wii U’s tenure, so it’s nice to say that there seems to be tonnes of third party games coming out for the switch, from support from EA, SEGA, Capcom, and even Square Enix. One of the most advertised third party games coming out for the switch is Skyrim, even though it is now a 5-year-old game, it’s nice to finally see it on Nintendo. But that’s enough about third party games what about first party properties? While I’m happy to say we will be getting a new beautiful Zelda title, a somewhat realistic looking spin on Mario, not to mention a new Splatoon and Mario kart games.

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5 thoughts on “The Top 5 Reasons you Should be Excited for the Nintendo Switch

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  1. I would love to buy the Switch, but don’t think i will be at the moment – unless win some extra cash! Love the Mario games though


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